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Installing Juvix


You need Clang / LLVM version 13 or later. Note that on macOS the preinstalled clang does not support the wasm target, so use e.g. brew install llvm instead.

If you want to compile to WebAssembly, you also need:

  • wasmer
  • wasi-sdk
  • wasm-ld - the LLVM linker for WASM (NB: On Linux you may need to install the lld package; on macOS this is installed as part of llvm).

See below for instructions on how to install the dependencies.

Shell script

We provide a shell script that installs the Juvix compiler binary for Linux and macOS using the GitHub release page.

Copy and paste the following command into your terminal to install Juvix.

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSfL | sh

In VSCode, install Juvix automatically with the Juvix VSCode extension.


The easiest way to install Juvix on MacOS is by using Homebrew.

To install the homebrew-juvix tap, run:

brew tap anoma/juvix

To install Juvix, run:

brew install juvix

Helpful information can also be obtained by running:

brew info juvix

Linux x86_64

A Juvix compiler binary executable for Linux x86_64 is available on the Juvix release page.

To install this executable, download and unzip the linked file and move it to a directory on your shell's PATH.

For example if ~/.local/bin is on your shell's PATH, you can install Juvix as follows:

cd /tmp
curl \
  | grep "browser_download_url.*linux" \
  | cut -d : -f2,3 | tr -d \" \
  | xargs curl -L -o
mv juvix ~/.local/bin/juvix

Building Juvix from source

To install Juvix from source you must clone the GitHub repository. Then Juvix can be installed with the following commands. We assume you have Stack and GNU Make installed.

git clone --recursive
cd juvix
make install

The C compiler and linker paths can be specified as options to the make install command, e.g.

make install CC=path/to/clang LIBTOOL=path/to/llvm-ar

On macOS, you can alternatively run the following command for Homebrew. The flag --HEAD used below is optional – use it to build the latest version of Juvix in the main branch on GitHub.

brew install --build-from-source --HEAD juvix --verbose

Building the project with cabal

We recommend using the stack build tool with this project.

If you prefer the cabal build tool instead, then you need to generate the juvix.cabal file using hpack before running cabal build.

You also need to compile the runtime first:

make runtime
cabal build

Installing dependencies

To install wasi-sdk you need to download libclang_rt and wasi-sysroot precompiled archives from the wasi-sdk release page and:

  1. Extract the libclang_rt.builtins-wasm32-wasi-*.tar.gz archive in the clang installation root (for example /usr/lib/clang/13 on Ubuntu or `brew --prefix llvm` on macOS).

    For example on macOS with homebrew clang:

cd `brew --prefix llvm`
curl -OL
tar xf libclang_rt.builtins-wasm32-wasi-15.0.tar.gz
  1. Extract the wasi-sysroot-*.tar.gz archive on your local system and set WASI_SYSROOT_PATH to its path.

    For example:

cd ~
curl -OL
tar xf wasi-sysroot-15.0.tar.gz
export WASI_SYSROOT_PATH=~/wasi-sysroot

Checking your setup

Run juvix doctor in your terminal to validate your setup.