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Juvix Project Overview

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Juvix is an open-source, constantly evolving functional programming language designed for writing privacy-preserving decentralized applications. Using Juvix, developers can write high-level programs which can be compiled to WASM directly, or to circuits for private execution within the Resource Machine on Anoma or Ethereum.

Getting Started

To get started with Juvix, head over to the documentation website to learn more about the language and its features. You can also find installation instructions and tutorials to help you get started with writing Juvix programs. You can download the latest release from the Juvix GitHub repository or use the web-based development environment, Juvix Github Codespace, which provides a pre-configured workspace ready to use with Juvix and the Haskell toolchain installed.

Language features

Juvix is designed with a focus on safety. The Juvix compiler runs several static analyses which guarantee the absence of runtime errors. Analyses performed include termination and type checking. As a result, functional programs, especially validity predicates, can be written with greater confidence in their correctness.

Some language features in Juvix include:

  • Haskell/Agda-like syntax with support for Unicode
  • Type inference
  • Parametric polymorphism
  • User defined inductive data types
  • Higher-order functions
  • Referential transparency

The Juvix module system allows developers to break down their programs into smaller, reusable modules that can be compiled separately and combined to create larger programs. These modules can be used to build libraries, which can then be documented using Juvix's built-in documentation generation tool, see for example, the Juvix standard library's website. For further details, please refer to the Juvix book which includes our latest updates.


Here is a summary of resources to help you learn more about Juvix:


Resource Description
Official website The official website of Juvix, where you can find documentation, changelog, tutorials, and community resources.
GitHub repository The official GitHub repository of Juvix, where you can find the source code and contribute to the project.


Resource Description
Discord community The Juvix community on Discord is a space where you can connect with the developers behind Juvix and other members of the community who are passionate about privacy-preserving decentralized applications. It's a place where you can ask for help with using Juvix, discuss the latest features and updates, and get involved in the project.
Twitter The official Twitter account of Juvix, where you can stay up-to-date with the latest news and announcements.


Resource Description
Standard library The Juvix standard library is a collection of pre-written functions and modules that come bundled with the Juvix programming language. It provides developers with a set of common and useful tools that they can use to build their Juvix programs without having to write everything from scratch.

IDE support

Resource Description
VSCode extension Support for the Juvix programming language with features such as syntax highlighting, error checking and many more directly in the VSCode editor.
Emacs Juvix mode A major mode for Emacs that provides support for writing Juvix programs.

Development environments

Resource Description
Juvix Standard Lib Codespace A web-based development environment for the Juvix standard library on GitHub. It provides a pre-configured workspace with the Juvix standard library installed and ready to use, so you can start using the library in your projects. Some examples of Juvix programs are also loaded in this environment.
Juvix Github Codespace This codespace provides a pre-configured workspace with Juvix and the Haskell toolchain installed. Everything is ready to use, so you can start developing/inspecting the Juvix compiler right away.


Resource Description
Homebrew Juvix formula A formula for Homebrew, a package manager for macOS and Linux, that allows you to easily install Juvix on your system.
Juvix Nightly builds Users can download and use these nightly builds to experiment with the latest changes to the Juvix Compiler. Nightly builds may contain new features, bug fixes, and other improvements to Juvix that are still in development and have not yet been released in an official version.


If you're interested in contributing to Juvix, please see the contributing guidelines for more information. We welcome contributions of all kinds, from bug reports and feature requests to code contributions and documentation improvements.


Juvix is open-source software released under the GNU General Public License v3.0. See the LICENSE file for more information.