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Control Structures

Case Expressions

The syntax for a case expression is:

case <expression> of {
  | <pat1> := <branch1>
  | <patN> := <branchN>

For instance, evaluation of the following expression in the REPL yields 1:

Stdlib.Prelude> case 2 of { | zero := 0 | suc x := x }

Lazy Builtins

The standard library offers several lazily evaluated builtin functions. These must be fully applied.

  • if condition branch1 branch2: Evaluates condition first, returns branch1 if true, else returns branch2.
  • a || b: Lazy disjunction. Evaluates a first, returns true if true, else evaluates and returns b.
  • a && b: Lazy conjunction. Evaluates a first, returns false if false, else evaluates and returns b.
  • a >> b: Sequences two IO actions, lazy in the second argument.