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Packages and Projects

  • anoma/juvix-containers

    Immutable container types for Juvix.

    • BinaryTree, Map, Queue, Set, Tree, UnbalancedSet, and much more to come.

    • Tests using anoma/juvix-test.

  • anoma/juvix-quickcheck

    This package provides property-based testing for the Juvix programming language inspired by the popular Haskell library, QuickCheck.

    • Automated testing: Generate random test cases to validate properties of Juvix code.
  • anoma/juvix-stdlib

    Shipped with Juvix, the standard library provides a set of useful functions and types for writing Juvix programs.

  • anoma/juvix-test

    A unit testing framework for Juvix programs.

Projects using Juvix

  • anoma/taiga-simulator

    The Taiga Simulator is a Juvix function that simulates the Taiga execution model.

  • anoma/juvix-e2e-demo

    A project for demostrating the process of generating arithmetic circuits from high-level specifications. This CodeSpace includes all the necessary compilers for circuit generation, such as Juvix, GEB, and VampIR. Furthermore, it features the Juvix VSCode extension to simplify writing Juvix programs and allows users to interact with and evaluate the resulting GEB/VampIR programs.


If you are using Juvix in your project, please let us know by opening an issue or a pull request to add it to this list.

Other Juvix programs

The following links are clickable versions of their corresponding Juvix program. The sources can be found in the examples/milestone directory in the Juvix repository. The webpages can be generated by running the following command:

juvix html --recursive FileName.juvix