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Compiling to VampIR through Geb


The compilation described is currently not supported by the newest version of Juvix and Geb. Changes are forthcoming.

Before, we discussed the standard normalization approach to compiling Juvix programs to VampIR. An alternative backend is provided by the Geb project currently implemented in Lisp providing a categorical view of the needed translations.

The post will be devoted to discussing the core ideas of Geb, the practical steps to take in order to use the corresponding pipeline, as well as the current limitations the backend faces.

We assume basic familiarity with categorical concepts and VampIR.

Geb Pipeline

Geb is a developing language providing a useful interface for specifying categorical constructs and helping define compilers in terms of functors. The approach is inspired by a classical observation that instead of dealing with 'good' compilation procedures one can instead specify functors between appropriate categories representing the languages one initially considers.

In the current state of development, Geb is a fairly simple category in which one can do "basic arithmetic." It is a category freely spanned by terminal/initial objects and finite (co)products with additional constructs for objects representing n-bit natural numbers. The pipeline itself is a string of functors between categories: