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Juvix a language for intent-centric and declarative decentralized applications

Juvix is an open-source functional language with static typing and strict semantics. It is the programming language for the Anoma's blockchain. The primary purpose of this language is to encode Anoma's intents, enabling private and transparent execution through the Abstract Resource Machine on the Anoma blockchain.

Juvix, initially designed for Anoma, provides features typical of any high-level programming language with many more on the horizon. It can compile programs into native executable, WASM, and arithmetic circuits facilitating zero-knowledge proofs.

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... a brief of what Juvix is about

  • Talks and Workshops

    A collection of talks and workshop videos showcasing Juvix. Gain valuable insights and inspiration from our presentations at various conferences.

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  • Reference

    Explore the Language reference, milestone examples, and tooling documentation!


  • Blog

    Check out our blog to discover new features in the upcoming release, along with helpful examples and more. And, don't forget to join us on Discord.


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  • Open Source, GPL3.0

    Juvix is licensed under GPL3 and available on GitHub.