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juvix [Global options] ((-v|--version) | (-h|--help) | COMPILER_CMD | UTILITY_CMD)

Informative options

  • -v,--version Print the version and exit
  • --numeric-version Show only the version number
  • -h,--help Show this help text

Global Command flags

  • --no-colors Disable globally ANSI formatting
  • --show-name-ids Show the unique number of each identifier when pretty printing
  • --only-errors Only print errors in a uniform format (used by juvix-mode)
  • --no-termination Disable termination checking
  • --no-positivity Disable positivity checking for inductive types
  • --no-coverage Disable coverage checking for patterns
  • --no-stdlib Do not use the standard library
  • --internal-build-dir BUILD_DIR Directory for compiler internal output
  • --stdin Read from Stdin
  • --unroll ARG Recursion unrolling limit (default: 140)

Main Commands

  • html Generate HTML output from a Juvix file
  • typecheck Typecheck a Juvix file
  • compile Compile a Juvix file
  • eval Evaluate a Juvix file

Utility Commands

  • doctor Perform checks on your Juvix development environment
  • init Interactively initialize a Juvix project in the current directory
  • repl Run the Juvix REPL
  • format Format a Juvix file or Juvix project
  • clean Delete build artifacts

Dev Commands

juvix dev COMMAND
  • parse Parse a Juvix file
  • scope Parse and scope a Juvix file
  • highlight Highlight a Juvix file
  • core Subcommands related to JuvixCore
  • asm Subcommands related to JuvixAsm
  • root Show the root path for a Juvix project
  • termination Subcommands related to termination checking
  • internal Subcommands related to Internal
  • minic Translate a Juvix file to a subset of C
  • geb Subcommands related to JuvixGeb
  • runtime Subcommands related to the Juvix runtime
  • repl Run the Juvix dev REPL

CLI Auto-completion Scripts

The Juvix CLI can generate auto-completion scripts. Follow the instructions below for your shell.


NB: You may need to restart your shell after installing the completion script.


Add the following line to your bash init script (for example ~/.bashrc).

eval "$(juvix --bash-completion-script juvix)"


Run the following command in your shell:

juvix --fish-completion-script juvix
  > ~/.config/fish/completions/


Run the following command in your shell:

juvix --zsh-completion-script juvix > $DIR_IN_FPATH/_juvix

where $DIR_IN_FPATH is a directory that is present on the ZSH FPATH variable (which you can inspect by running echo $FPATH in the shell).