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Local Definitions

Local definitions in Juvix are facilitated by the let expression. This feature is particularly beneficial for defining identifiers that are exclusive to a single scope.

Syntax of let Expression

The syntax for a let binding is as follows:

let <name> : <type> := <term>;
in <body>

In this syntax:

  • {name} refers to the name of the variable you want to define and should be a valid identifier of type <type>.
  • {term} is the value or computation assigned to the identifier.
  • {body} represents the section of code where this local definition is valid.

Here's an example:

sum (lst : List Nat) : Nat :=
    go (acc : Nat) : List Nat -> Nat
      | nil := acc
      | (x :: xs) := go (acc + x) xs;
  in go 0 lst;

In this case, x is the identifier, 5 is the expression, and x * x is the body. The result of this code would be 25.