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Compiling to VampIR through Geb

Before, we discussed the standard normalization approach to compiling Juvix programs to VampIR. An alternative backend is provided by the Geb project currently implemented in Lisp showcasing a categorical view of the needed translations.

The post will be devoted to discussing the core ideas of Geb, the practical steps to take in order to use the corresponding pipeline, as well as the current limitations the backend faces.

Compiling Juvix programs to arithmetic circuits via Vamp-IR

Since version 0.3.5, the Juvix compiler supports the vampir target which generates Vamp-IR input files that can be compiled to various proof systems based on arithmetic circuits, like Plonk or Halo 2. Vamp-IR is a proof-system-agnostic language for writing arithmetic circuits.

In this post, we will not be discussing the details of Vamp-IR or the circuit computation model. Instead, we will describe how high-level functional Juvix programs can be compiled to circuits, what the common pitfalls and current limitations are. The reader is assumed to have at least basic familiarity with Vamp-IR.