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Welcome to the Juvix documentation!


Juvix is an open-source, ever-evolving functional language for creating privacy-focused decentralized apps. It allows developers to write high-level programs that compile to WASM or, via VampIR, to circuits for private execution using Taiga on Anoma or Ethereum.

This documentation covers various topics, including a concise introduction to the Juvix ecosystem, which can be found in the overview section.

  • How-to guides

    Learn how to install Juvix on macOS or Linux, as well as compile and document your Juvix projects.

    Quick start

    How-to guides

  • Tutorials

    Master the essentials of Juvix's programming language though a series of tailored examples, tutorials and technical explanations.

    Learn Juvix in 5 minutes

  • Explanations

    A series dedicated to delivering more in-depth technical explanations of Juvix.

    Read the book

  • Reference

    Explore the Language reference, milestone examples, and tooling documentation!


  • Blog

    Check out our blog to discover new features in the upcoming release, along with helpful examples and more. And, don't forget to join us on Discord.

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  • Open Source, GPL3.0

    Juvix is licensed under GPL3 and available on GitHub.